Personal Accident Plan 2 Cover RM 100,0000


Personal Accident Plan 1 Cover RM 50,0000



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for you and your family

High Sum Insured
We cover Accidental Death or Accidental Permanent Disablement (including coma) up to RM750,000.
■ Double the Payout
Double the payout up to RM1,500,000 for Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement whilst travelling on a public transport, travelling overseas or being a victim of snatch theft or robbery
■ Renewal Bonus up to 50%
Principal sum insured will increase from 10% per year up to 50% upon renewal of insurance provided there is no claim under Accidental Permanent Disablement.
■ Family Plans Privilege
Extend the protection to your family and enjoy 3 times sum insured with double payout up to RM4,500,000.
■ Cashless Admission Guarantee
Guarantees up to RM9,000 for admission at any participating hospitals in Malaysia due to an accident.
■ Loan Protector up to RM7,000
In the event of Accidental Death, we will reimburse the Insured Person’s outstanding credit liabilities for credit cards, personal loans, overdraft, housing, car, education or renovation loans with any banks licensed by Bank Negara

Accidental Medical Expenses
Covers your medical expenses up to RM9,000 for treatment from a hospital or clinic due to an accident.
■ Alternative Medical Treatment
Pays up to RM500 per accident for medical treatment by registered traditional medicine practitioner, osteopath, chiropractor, herbalist and/or bonesetter.
■ Prostheses
Pays for the necessary cost of purchasing wheelchair, artificial arm or leg and crutches.
■ Local Ambulance Fees
Pays for the ambulance cost incurred to transport the Insured Person following an accident.
■ Weekly Nursing Care Charges
A weekly cash allowance for up to RM1,000 per week for special nursing care if post-hospitalisation nursing care is considered necessary by the hospital.
■ Daily Hospital Allowance
Up to RM200 daily cash allowance is paid up to a maximum of 100 days for hospitalisation due to an accident. This is on top of the Medical Expenses payout!
■ Cash Relief
Pays lump sum emergency cash up to RM7,000 in the event of Accidental Death.
■ Repatriation Expenses
Payment for the cost of cremation in the locality where death occurs or the expenses of transporting the mortal remains back to Malaysia in the event of death.
■ Personal Liability
Liabilities payment for up to RM750,000, should you be liable to pay a third party for accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage.
■ Bereavement Allowance and Funeral Expenses
Lump sum payment of up to RM20,000 for both bereavement allowance and funeral expenses in the event of Accidental Death. Also extended to cover the death of Insured Person due to Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, Malaria, Japanese Encephalitis and Pandemic Influenza
From just RM0.33 a day, you will be protected for 24 hours a day, worldwide!
Enjoy wholesome benefits…snatch theft or robbery cover, loan protector and many more.
What else does my policy

Dental and Corrective Surgery
Pays up to RM10,000 for any additional expenses incurred for dental correction and/or corrective cosmetic surgical operation to the face, neck, head or chest necessitated by an accident.
■ Kidnap Benefit
Lump sum payment up to RM10,000 in the event Insured Person is being kidnapped. A reward of RM25,000 for information leading to the alive recovery of the Insured Person. Full payment of the principal sum insured upon non-recovery of the kidnapped person after a period of one year from the day of the kidnap.
■ Compassionate Care for Hospitalised Children
Covers up to RM3,000 for the expenses incurred for travelling and accommodation by one family member to take care of and/or accompany the Insured Person who is a minor (aged 12 and below), during hospitalisation due to accident.
■ Snatch Theft or Robbery
A lump sum payment for loss or damage to personal effects due to snatch theft or robbery. Police report required (to be made within 24 hours).
■ Temporary Total Disablement
An option to include Temporary Total Disablement coverage for yourself and spouse for a premium from as low as RM0.17 a day and be entitled to 104 weeks of weekly benefits if the Insured Person is unable to attend work as a result of an accident (as certified by a medical practitioner). Weekly benefit payout is up to RM250 per week!


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